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Built environment accessibility is a pre-condition of social inclusion for all.


We collaborate with many different practices across planning, architecture, and design, on projects of varying scales, achieving better accessibility outcomes for everyone and satisfying regulatory requirements.


We engage with all levels of government, government agencies, and the NGO/NfP sector, internationally, nationally, and locally, to deliver comprehensive insight into built environment accessibility.


We work with Universities, Professional Associations, Disability and Disabled Peoples Organisations, and LGAs and Advocacy groups building capacity to improve built
environment accessibility outcomes.


We co-create with individuals, business, NGO/NfPs, and government to achieve people-centric, accessible built environments, whether existing or new, across all stages of procurement, design, and delivery.


Productively use our unique transdisciplinary skills to ensure all projects and activities are underpinned by the entwined principles of accessibility, sustainability, and universal design.


Photo of block of social housing units

Melbourne Affordable Housing Challenge

“Visionary Design Development participated in the International Architecture “Melbourne Affordable Housing” Competition. The result of our outcome aimed at exploring sustainability by examining existing housing stock in Melbourne and exploring opportunity in making it accessible for all, as well as facilitating for diverse needs and multigenerational living.

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