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Neighbourhood Summit (co-design event)

Neighbourhood Summit

Improving built environment ‘sustainability’ performance, via measurement, and placemaking performance, via ‘activation’, receives much contemporary attention. However, people with disability continue to experience lack of meaningful involvement in such endeavours. Increasingly, the built environment arena is becoming a private sector activity. The actors involved, however, have little understanding of either the accessibility needs of people with disability, or the inaccessibility. Mary Ann Jackson raises the critically important topic: placemaking – enabling or disabling?

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Melbourne Affordable Housing Challenge

“Visionary Design Development participated in the International Architecture “Melbourne Affordable Housing” Competition. The result of our outcome aimed at exploring sustainability by examining existing housing stock in Melbourne and exploring opportunity in making it accessible for all, as well as facilitating for diverse needs and multigenerational living.

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Symposium: A Participatory Urban Aesthetic?
Communities rarely meaningfully participate in the design of the urban landscape. Human rights-based approaches in built environment delivery require a more active engagement of rights holders in the design process.

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